Where Is My Ballot?

You can track your mail-in ballot easily.  

You Only Need Three Things to Find Out the Status of Your Ballot

First and Last Name

As it appeared on your application.

Date of Birth

Two digit month.  Two digit day.  Two digit year.


Be Patient

If you have already ordered your mail-in-ballot.  Check your status.  If your status is “Pending,” then you are in great shape.  This status means that

-you have requested your ballot,

 -the request has been received,

 -and you will receive a ballot towards mid-September to early October 2020.

 If you do not believe your status is correct or you have questions, contact your county’s election office.


STEP ONE:  Enter Information into Appropriate Fields.  Press Submit.

STEP TWO:  Read the Response.

The table above provides a summary of application and ballot status.

In this example, the county has received the ballot.  The county has not mailed the ballot so that column is blank.  The county of course has not received this person’s ballot, therefore that column is blank as well.

The columns will update as the county processes an application or ballot. The status column will read as “Vote Recorded” after the county has received a voted ballot.

Column Descriptions:
Ballot Type – Absentee or Mail-In
Election – The requested ballot is for this election.
Application Received – The date when your county received your application.
Application Processed – The date when your county processed your application.
Ballot Mailed On – The date when your county mailed your ballot to the address on your application.
Ballot Received by County – The date when your county received your voted ballot.
Status – The status of your ballot request is the last known state of where your ballot request stands.

Descriptions obtained from votespa.com as of 8/25/2020.